Online Pre-registration for China Yiwu Cutural Fair starts now!

                                                                                                  Application Time:June 11 -- June 13, 2022

                                                                                                  Situated in central Zhejiang Province, Yiwu covers an area of 1,105 square kilometers, with 724 thousand local registered population and more zhan 1.2 million migrant workers and business people. Since reform and opening up, Yiwu has adhered to the development strategy of “revitalizing the city through commerce and trade,” and charted a unique course of scientific development. It was listed as one of the 18 model regions for reform and opening up. As a result, Zhejiang Province Committee of the CPC called for the” Yiwu’s development experience” to be spread over the whole province. Based ... MORE


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                                                                                                  Yiwu Markets

                                                                                                  Exhibition Scale

                                                                                                  There are 3.300 international standard booths.with over
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